Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA)


The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) is a collaboration of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) at Lehigh University, and the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. The mission of the PITA program is to assist the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and companies within the Commonwealth to increase operating efficiency and to enhance economic development.


The PITA grant funds are used for staff salaries; research materials and supplies; and operating costs.


The sole applicant under this program is Lehigh University.


Funding is dependent upon budget recommendations and constraints set in the adopted annual budget for the Commonwealth.


As set forth in the guidelines.

How to Apply

The Single Application must be submitted online at: Electronic Single Application for Assistance. For assistance in completing the Single Application, call 1.800.379.7448.

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