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Modern advanced manufacturing demands advanced talent – that means experienced problem-solvers and strategists, digital operators, engineers, and others who can blend management and STEM skills. That’s why Pennsylvania is preparing the next generation of talent for careers in manufacturing. Through efforts like the Manufacturing PA Initiative and registered apprenticeships, we’re supporting Pennsylvania’s manufacturing community through strategic partnerships between industry, higher-education, government, and nonprofits. With an emphasis on job training for in-demand career pathways, we’re investing in our talent pipeline to ensure Pennsylvania companies and communities stay globally competitive – whether they’re producing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, electronics, robotics, food and beverages, or anything in between.

Manufacturing has always been the backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy, and today is no different. This diverse industry has an economic impact of more than $92 billion and accounts for nearly 10% of all jobs in Pennsylvania with 540,000 residents employed in the industry. Our expanding R&D facilities, growing technical and industrial resources, and leading STEM innovators have created a unique and thriving manufacturing industry that is meeting the needs of businesses and consumers.

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Funding & Resources

Industrial Resource Centers (IRC)

The Industrial Resource Centers are a network of seven private, nonprofits located strategically throughout the state to provide localized support. The network works with manufacturers to respond to changing market conditions, adopt new technology, and on creating strategies to remain competitive in today’s global economy.

Manufacturing PA Training-to-Career Grant Program

Grants support workforce programs that result in short-term work-readiness training, entry-level job placement, or the advancement of the manufacturing industry.

Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Program

The Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Program provides Pennsylvania employers with grants to help cover expenses related to instruction complementing on-the-job training.

NextManufacturing Center

The NextManufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University is one of the world’s leading research centers for additive manufacturing. The Center offers workforce training in collaboration with local nonprofits to capitalize on the abundance of manufacturing employers in southwestern Pennsylvania. The Center also offers the only undergraduate Additive Manufacturing course in the country.

Manufacturing PA Innovation Program

The Manufacturing PA Innovation Program brings together businesses and internationally acclaimed science and engineering talent and discovery capacity of Pennsylvania’s top research institutions. Undergraduate and graduate student fellows at PA universities work with PA manufacturers to advance new products or process innovations.

National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMI)

NAMI is a public-private partnership composed of industry, government, academia, and workforce leaders, as well as non-government agencies and economic developers, working together to increase the country’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Carnegie Mellon University, Lehigh University, University of Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania State University are all members of this important initiative.


WEDnetPA provides employers with training funds for new and existing employees. It’s a unique, collaborative partnership between community colleges, state system universities, and other educational institutions working together to respond to the evolving needs of Pennsylvania’s business community.

Powdered Metals Program

The specialized Powdered Metals Program provides training programs for workforce in the north central region of Pennsylvania through Penn State University and regional community education councils. The program uses facilities in nearby schools to provide training opportunities for young talent looking for a career in manufacturing.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP)

The BFTP are a national model for technology-based economic development programs. BFTP provides both early-stage, technology-based firms and established manufacturers with funding, business and technical expertise, and access to a network of innovative, expert resources.

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM)

The ARM Institute is a public-private partnership bringing together more than 300 organizations across industry, government, and academia to drive the use of industrial robots to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector. Key industrial sectors include aerospace, automotive, electronics, and textiles.

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