Expansion & Relocation in Pennsylvania

The Governor’s Action Team

Are you looking to expand or relocate your business in PA? The Governor’s Action Team can save you time and money!

The Governor’s Action Team is ready to assist you in implementing your business growth strategy. Take a closer look at Pennsylvania and give us a call at 717.787.8199, or click on the map below for contact information for professional staff in each of our regional offices and in our headquarters in Harrisburg.

The Governor's Action Team Can...


We understand that a strategic investment in your qualified business will not only increase your profitability and strengthen your balance sheet, but will also boost Pennsylvania’s local economies and raise the standard of living for our residents. With direct access to the governor, the Governor’s Action Team will work with you to assemble an assistance package tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Start the Conversation

Locate, grow or expand your existing business by contacting the Governor's Action Team by phone at 717.787.8199 or by email. Click on each region to see the contact information for that specific county, or contact the headquarters in Harrisburg, PA.

Tina Mengine

  • Regional Director
  • 814.871.4770
Read More about Tina Mengine

Jill Collier

  • Regional Director
  • 570.468.0903
Read More about Jill Collier

Janet Smith

  • Regional Director
  • 717.433.8587
Read More about Janet Smith

Lance Chimka

  • Regional Director
  • 412.565.2788
Read More about Lance Chimka

Brent Vernon

  • Executive Director
  • 717.787.8199
Read More about Brent Vernon

Richard Heaney

  • Regional Director
  • 215.965.1942
Read More about Richard Heaney
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