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World-class infrastructure makes PA a logistical dream for distributors

A Driving Force for Logistics

“Location, location, location” is a common refrain for the logistics and distribution sector, and in Pennsylvania, our strategic location is one of our greatest strengths. The commonwealth is located within a day’s drive of nearly 40 percent of the United States population and 60 percent of the Canadian population and purchasing power, including four of the 10 largest markets in the United States. And reaching these customers and markets is easy and convenient because of Pennsylvania’s comprehensive transportation network, including:

  • 120,000 miles of state and local highways, including a 500+ mile state turnpike;
  • 64 railroads covering 5,600 miles and hauling over 170 million tons of freight each year;
  • Three major ports providing deep water, inland and Great Lakes access for convenient international importing and exporting;
  • Comprehensive intermodal infrastructure that offers unimpeded goods movement to any destination, whether via port, rail, or truck; and
  • Six international airports that move more than 600,000 tons of material annually.

It’s no wonder Site Selection Magazine gave Pennsylvania an “A” rating for logistics along with only five other states.  And, through assistance from the Governor’s Action Team and the Office of International Business Development, you’ll have the support you need to find the right sites, make the right connections, and assist you through the process of establishing a new distribution center.

Pennsylvania will give you the ability to get products to customers – and get it there fast. Find out why our commonwealth is the best place for your distribution and logistics project.

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Funding & Resources

PA Office of International Business (OIBD)

OIBD helps businesses compete on a global scale. The office works with international businesses looking to locate or expand in Pennsylvania. For companies already in Pennsylvania, OIBD also provides export assistance to those looking to sell their goods and services internationally.

Governor’s Action Team

The Governor’s Action Team works with companies expanding or locating operations in Pennsylvania. The team reports directly to the governor and provides businesses with support for site selection, research, connections with federal, state, and local stakeholders, and incentive packages.

Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF)

MTF grants provide financial assistance to municipalities, councils of governments, businesses, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies and rail and freight ports to improve public transportation assets that enhance communities, pedestrian safety, and transit revitalization.

Scott Deitrich

Deputy Director for Operations


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