Manufactured Home Installer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Manufactured Home Installer
What must I do to become a HUD Licensed Manufactured Home Installer?
Will my HUD Manufactured Home Installers License be recognized in other states?

Yes, as long as the other state accepts the HUD License.

As a retailer, what are my responsibilities under the HUD Installation Program?

Complete the HUD Form 305 & HUD Form 306 and forward to HUD. In PA this will take effect on 10/1/2020.

Are there different rules or requirements for installing a new manufactured home in a community or other rented lots?

No. New manufactured homes are required to be installed consistent with the manufacturer’s approved installation instructions, without exception.

What are the requirements for the installation of used manufactured homes?
Can a home be installed in a manner not specifically addressed by the manufacturer?

No. The manufacturer must provide instructions for the installation. Designs prepared by professional engineers or registered architects may not be utilized in place of the manufacturer’s instructions.

What about floating slabs?

All foundations must be protected from frost heave, therefore a floating slab foundation is unacceptable.

Can an addition or deck be attached to a home?

Not without approval from the home manufacturer. Typically, all additions, decks, etc. must be free-standing from the home and constructed in accordance with local building codes.

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