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Developing and Delivering Talent

Your ability to adapt to changes and meet opportunity head-on is dependent on the quality of your team. In Pennsylvania, you can be confident you’ll find the right fit. Our 6.4+ million-strong workforce brings experience, skill, curiosity, and a legendary can-do spirit to the table. Our nearly 300 higher-ed and post-secondary institutions produce talent sought out by companies around the world. Whether you’re looking for team members capable of supporting manufacturing operations, spearheading R&D and innovation, handling logistics and supply chain needs, or running your corporate headquarters, Pennsylvanians can get the job done.

Pennsylvania is invested in bringing businesses and qualified workers together. We’ll help you find or develop your workforce, from apprentices to experienced experts and everyone in between. If you’re looking to upskill your employees or connect with leaders in your industry, we can help with our customizable and flexible workforce programs.

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Investing in training and retaining top talent is a priority for Pennsylvania. We have specialized technical and financial assistance to help your business develop the right workforce.

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Local Employer Assistance

Industrial Resource Centers (IRCs)

Part of the statewide Manufacturing PA initiative, the IRCs are a network of regional organizations focus on assisting manufacturers grow and stay competitive in a changing global economy. Workforce development consultations are part of their many available services.

Next Generation Industry Partnerships (NGIPs)

NGIPs are regional industrial partnerships of businesses in a shared labor market who work with multiple teams to address overall competitiveness of the industry. Employers are welcome to join their local NGIP for networking, collaboration, and setting sustainable initiatives.

WEDnetPA Workforce Grants

The Workforce & Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) is a DCED-funded workforce training program helping employers upskill employees to fill in employment gaps.

Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Grants

The DCED-funded Apprenticeship Program can be used to help cover the costs of formal instruction or classroom requirements associated with apprenticeships.

Manufacturing PA Training-to-Career Grant

Supporting new and innovative training focused on developing the skill sets of entry-level applicants in the manufacturing industry to better meet the needs of hiring employers.


PASmart is a multi-pronged workforce initiative supporting students, jobseekers, and workers by connecting them with the information they need to succeed in our evolving economy.

Gwen A. Ross

Director of Workforce Development Initiatives

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