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Companies across sectors are coming to Pennsylvania and finding success thanks to a superior business climate and supportive network of resources

Top Industries in Pennsylvania

From opening the first university in the US to revolutionizing our country's procurement of energy, creativity and ingenuity is in our DNA. We’ve been innovating for hundreds of years, and that spirit has led not only to a strong economy, but the most diverse economy in the country. That diversity is reflected in the many industries that shine in the Keystone State. Eight key industries have strategically emerged as the stronghold in PA thanks to business leaders and academics, as well as a historical emphasis on maintaining our strength in these industries. Founding the nation's first hospital makes way for the next big biopharma break, and the invention of the lightning rod sparked an energy-evolution still powering our economy today. And while some of our industries have rich historical ties, we are proud to be at the forefront of new and evolving industries-like robotics and technology-just as we were at the forefront of academia and business operations.

Advanced Manufacturing
Food Processing & Manufacturing
Energy Production & Transition
Corporate Headquarters
Life Sciences & Medical Technology
Distribution & Logistics
Plastics & Chemicals
Robotics & A.I.

Meet Our Employees

While our sectors run strong, they’d be nothing without our talented workforce.

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Pennsylvania is the Keystone to Success

Read about why our major employers and workforce stay in (and move to) PA (hint: it’s not just for the cheesesteaks!)

Quality of Life

A strong and diverse economy is one thing, but a state with affordable housing, optimal location for travel and networking, outdoor adventure, and cultural attractions is another. In PA, you can truly have it all.

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