Pennsylvania First Program (PA First)


Pennsylvania First (PA First) is a comprehensive funding tool to facilitate increased investment and job creation within the commonwealth.


Machinery/equipment; Job training; Infrastructure; Land and building improvements; Environmental assessment/remediation; Acquisition of land, buildings, right-of-ways; Working capital; Site preparation.


Businesses, Municipalities, Municipal Authorities, Redevelopment Authorities, Industrial Development Authorities or Corporations, Local Development Districts.

  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Loan Guarantees

Competitive projects must offer substantial economic impact, either for the Commonwealth as a whole or for the locality or region in which a business will locate or expand; private match required; job creation/preservation required.

How to Apply

The Single Application must be submitted online at Single Application. For assistance in completing the Single Application, call 1.800.379.7448.

Pennsylvania First
Pennsylvania First Program
PA First Program
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