Pennsylvania First Program (PA First)


Pennsylvania First (PA First) is a comprehensive funding tool to facilitate increased investment and job creation within the commonwealth.


Machinery/equipment; Job training; Infrastructure; Land and building improvements; Environmental assessment/remediation; Acquisition of land, buildings, right-of-ways; Working capital; Site preparation, demolition, clearance


  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Loan Guarantees


Businesses, or IDCs, municipalities or authorities on behalf of businesses, which will create or preserve a significant number of jobs and will make a significant investment within the Commonwealth using Pennsylvania 1st.


Competitive projects must offer substantial economic impact, either for the Commonwealth as a whole or for the locality or region in which a business will locate or expand; private match required; job creation/preservation required.

How to Apply

The Single Application must be submitted online at Single Application. For assistance in completing the Single Application, call 1.800.379.7448.

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