Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging Program (OAWP)


Act 13 of 2012 establishes the Marcellus Legacy Fund and allocates funds to the Commonwealth Financing Authority for funding orphan or abandoned well plugging projects using the Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging Program (OAWP). Pennsylvania has hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells drilled since 1859. This program provides a mechanism to plug abandoned and orphaned wells that have the potential to cause health, safety or environmental concerns.


Projects which involve the cleaning out and plugging of abandoned and orphan oil and gas wells; stray gas mitigation systems; and well venting projects.

  • Municipalities
  • Authorized Organization
  • Institution of Higher Education
  • Watershed Organization
  • For-Profit Businesses
  • Councils of Governments

There is a maximum of $1,000,000 for any project.

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