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Executive Team

Contact Title Telephone Email
Joe Burke Deputy Secretary 717.720.7366
Judith Hummel Executive Secretary 717.720.7446

Export Team

Contact Title Telephone Email Address Regions
Jen Black Executive Director, Export Development 717.720.7472 India, Germany, Netherlands
Linda Foerster Program Manager, Export Development 717.214.5306 Arab Gulf(UAE), ASEAN region (Singapore, Indonesia), Korea
Larry Nelson Program Manager, Export Development 717.346.2256 Australia, Canada, Central & Eastern Europe(Czech Republic), United Kingdom
Debra Ruttenberg Program Manager, Export Development 717.720.7365 Mexico, Middle East region (Israel), Saudi Arabia, Taiwan

Foreign Direct Investment Team

Contact Title Telephone Email
David Briel Executive Director, International Investment 717.720.7373
Cindy Hostetler Marketing Executive, International Investment 717.720.7370
Jason Hunt Marketing Executive, International Investment 717.265.7749
Alain Mortha Marketing Executive, International Investment 717.720.7380
Michael O'Rourke Marketing Executive, International Investment 717.720.7435

Operations Team

Contact Title Telephone
Kate Skopp Director of Global Partnerships & Operations 717.720.7361
Ben Ramos Regional Director, Southeast Office 215.965.9724
Paige Pynos Manager, Global Operations 717.214.5452
Denise Mont Clerk Typist II 717.720.7382


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