PA Life Science Greenhouse Initiative


The Life Sciences Greenhouses are models of effectiveness and efficiency. They capture the innovation potential of the life sciences industry and nurture that potential with critical early-stage funding and sector-specific business expertise. Pennsylvanians benefit directly as new companies are formed, jobs are created, additional capital is attracted to the commonwealth, and life-saving technologies reach patients.


Funding is administered through the Life Science Greenhouses to businesses that support the accomplishment of the mission of the LSG program. This support may be in the form of grants, loans, equity investments, royalty/payback agreements, or other forms of financial support.


$3 million will be split between Pennsylvania’s three Life Science Greenhouse organizations. Companies in the life science and biotechnology industries are encouraged to reach out to their designated LSG to learn more about funding opportunities.


Terms vary for each organization. Please contact your local LSG with specific questions.

How to Apply

Please contact your regional Life Science Greenhouse partner for information on how to apply for funding.

  • BioAdvance Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
Additional Information
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