Modular – Industrialized Housing

Modular and Industrialized Housing in PA

Modular housing, which is primarily designed for residential use, is wholly or mostly made, constructed, fabricated or assembled in manufacturing facilities. These structures are then shipped to the home site for assembly and installation. The modular home does not include a structure or building classified as an institutional building or manufactured home.

A modular home is different from a manufactured house as it is designed only for installation on a site built permanent foundation and not to be moved after the installation. Generally, modular homes comply with the same building code as conventional, site constructed homes.

Pennsylvania Insignia of Certification

Every modular home and component constructed for placement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be certified and bear the Pennsylvania Insignia of Certification (shown to the left), as well as the insignia of the inspection agency that evaluates and approves the designs, facilities, construction techniques, materials and quality assurance program used in each facility.

Although modular homes are built to comply with the model building codes and are exempt from the PA UCC, building officials make important contributions to the effective administration of the program. In addition to their oversight in terms of site preparation, foundation construction and utility connections, building code officials shall assist the Department by conducting site inspections of modular housing and components prior to installation for apparent damage occurring during transportation and other apparent non-conformity.

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