#MyErie: Rising Above Adversity

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In March, my colleague Kim Thomas wrote about Erie’s remarkable revitalization efforts and its long-term vision. And seemingly every day, we hear great news coming out of Erie — thanks to its passionate, loyal residents and advocates. It is beyond inspiring to see a community rally so readily in response to negative press and widespread misconceptions.

Don’t believe me? Watch this compelling video below, which showcases Erie’s grassroots #MyErie campaign, and you’ll see for yourself that Erie is a city that’s on the rise, with remarkable collaboration, cooperation, and cohesiveness.

“Whatever adversity Erie may be facing, its people have mobilized, and they’re fervently fighting back against negative misperceptions about their city.”

Whatever adversity Erie may be facing, its people have mobilized, and they’re fervently fighting back against negative misperceptions about their city. And we at DCED are thrilled and honored to be along for the ride.

We’ve rounded up some of the recent, positive press Erie has earned, and we know it’s just the beginning. Take a look at all of the good news:

‘Our Erie’ Tells Its Story | The Atlantic | April 4, 2017

The Atlantic’s dynamic duo James and Deborah Fallows coin Erie as the American city representing the movement of resilient people reinventing their towns, noting the “civic fabric” that is holding this community together.

How Erie is rewriting the Rust Belt narrative | Marketplace “The Big Promise” | April 4, 2017

In the latest segment of Marketplace’s ongoing series about Erie, young entrepreneurs explain why – and how – they want to see their hometown rebound. Sean Fedorko relocated from Washington D.C. back to Erie and launched the town’s first co-working space. Tammy Lyn Fox is converting a former restaurant into a culinary incubator. Jessica Yochim worked in video production in Los Angeles before returning to Erie to start her own company.

Radius CoWork has become a hub for techies and entrepreneurs who are trying to help revitalize the city
The best coast? Top 10 cities for an active retirement | CNBC | April 3, 2017

Retiring baby boomers want to retire in economically vibrant cities with affordable housing, quality healthcare and a wide range of social and recreational activities. Erie’s favorable state tax treatment for retirement income and plentiful golf courses – four for every 100,000 residents – helped it make the cut.

Erie depends on immigrants to boost its economy | Marketplace “The Big Promise” | March 22, 2017

Erie has embraced immigrants and refugees, which make up about 20 percent of its residents, according to the International Institute of Erie, a refugee resettlement agency. Several Iraqi refugees left San Diego for Erie and are now running their own businesses.

And GoErie continues to do a great job of covering their hometown’s united efforts. From writing about Erie speaking with one voice, to reporting on the #MyErie campaign and sharing news on revitalization grants, redevelopment plans and more, the outlet keeps our fingers on the pulse of the Erie movement.

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