PA Grade Crude Development Advisory Council

The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Development Advisory Council was established through the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Development Act (Act 52 of 2016). The Council is required to examine and make recommendations regarding existing technical regulations and policies implemented by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and enacted through Title 58 of PA’s Consolidated Statutes (58 Pa.Cs.). The council will explore the development of a regulatory framework for environmental oversight and enforcement, specifically applicable to the conventional oil and gas industry, while also promoting the long-term viability of the conventional industry. This will include assisting the Secretary of DEP on new policy that will impact the conventional oil and gas industry and reviewing and commenting on the formulation and drafting of all technical regulations proposed under 58 Pa.Cs.

The Council will also provide institutional support for the conventional oil and gas industry; develop a plan to increase PA grade crude oil production in an environmentally responsible way; develop a joint working group to develop an environmentally responsible and economically viable production water management option; and annually issue a report of its activities and recommendations; among others.


There are no upcoming events at this time.
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