Technical Assistance

The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services (GCLGS) provides technical assistance to municipalities for fundamental and short term projects.

To complete these fundamental and short term projects, GCLGS has the ability to contract with qualified professionals (Peer Consultants) who have extensive knowledge and experience in local government. These contracts will help municipalities build their capacity and increase efficiencies. Technical assistance offerings include, but are not limited to: police and fire studies, administrative logistics, financial management, and land use planning.

Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent (LOI) includes a list of technical assistance options. The governing body or bodies should approve this request for assistance by motion. No resolution is required. Please complete and return this form, making sure the narrative is specific enough to develop a scope of services, and the designated contact person will receive all future information regarding this request. GCLGS staff will evaluate this request and determine the level of assistance to provide based on your needs.

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