Coal-Fired Power Plant Redevelopment Playbooks

Pennsylvania Breathes New Life Into Decommissioned Coal-fired Power Plants Through An Assessment Of Redevelopment Options

Pennsylvania’s energy mix is changing. Some of our former coal-fired power plants have been converted to run on natural gas. Others are being retired and are now ready for a new use. These former power plant sites offer many opportunities for new business, with unparalleled river, road, rail, and energy transmission infrastructure.

DCED’s decommissioned coal-fired power plant redevelopment playbooks are a collaboration between state and local government, community and business stakeholders, environmental analysts, and market experts. Each customized playbook includes an assessment of the regional economy, overview of the site’s potential liabilities, and at least three reuse options.

Coal-Fired Redevelopment Property Locations

Adam Walters

Senior Energy Advisor

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