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For many of us, digitally-based media is virtually a constant presence in our lives. We sync our phones to our vehicle’s sound system, watch movies and play games on overseas flights, and enjoy first run films on the TV in our living room. Videon is in the middle of much of today’s cutting edge technology, helping companies move their digital media initiatives from concept to market. Over 30 million devices are using the State College firm’s streaming media, DVD, and Blu-ray technology.

Videon began in the mid-1990s, becoming experts in optical disc technology. As the media market evolved, so too did Videon, working in industries ranging from consumer electronics to aviation, and developing relationships with Central Pennsylvania’s business assistance providers, members of Central Region PREP – Partnership for Regional Economic Performance. IMC, the Innovative Manufacturers’ Center based in Williamsport, conducted training sessions at Videon for staff and management. Videon and IMC also pursued a Quick Response Manufacturing initiative, improving quality, eliminating waste, and reducing cost and lead time.

The company reached out to Ben Franklin Technology Partners, securing funds for continued software development in optical and streaming media, including Avia, an Android media player. According to Todd Erdley, Videon’s President and CEO, Avia and other products have led to continued growth for the company, and he continues to regularly meet with representatives from the Ben Franklin program.

Working with other PREP partners, Videon has pursued international sales with SEDA-COG’s Export Development program, participating in a state-sponsored trade mission to India. Research provided before the trip allowed meetings with key staff. Videon has also received grant awards to help offset costs associated with exhibiting at and participating in international trade shows.

Partnership means a great deal to Videon. “Within the company,” Erdley says, “everyone has different responsibilities, but equal importance.” Its customers, too, are viewed as partners. Business assistance providers in Central Pennsylvania have shown a similar attitude, working together as partners for regional economic performance.

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