FAA backs Bun Air Avionics, boosts Bedford County economy

By Pennsylvania Business Daily Reports
Thursday, Apr 16, 2015 @ 3:03pm

Aircraft owners throughout the Mid-Atlantic region can now gravitate towards Bedford County for equipment needs due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of Bun Air Avionics, a new subsidiary of Bun Air Corporation, it was revealed April 14.

The certification was facilitated by the 2013 passing of The Pennsylvania State Fixed–Wing Tax Exemption, which removed the Pennsylvania sales tax on aircraft parts and labor, and will likely serve the county’s economy well. Bun Air is authorized to deliver equipment installation, testing and repair service, with an emphasis on Avionics, which includes communication, navigation, autopilot and display equipment used in flight craft.

“The avionics certificate allows Bun Air to expand our services from primarily airframe and engine services to include the installation and testing of communication, navigation and flight management systems in airplanes and helicopters,” said Jennifer DeLong, co-owner of Bun Air Corporation. “This will bring more aircraft to the airport.”

DeLong predicts that increased air traffic to the Bedford County Airport will spur the company’s current maintenance services and parts and fuel sales.

“All of these services will make the airport a more convenient and desirable place to bring or base a private or corporate aircraft,” she said.

Bun Air, which has been flying for over 50 years, currently employs 18 individuals and operates six corporate aircraft. The new certification has already created an additional two full-time positions at the company.

“A thriving, healthy airport is a major draw for economic development,” Chair of the Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) Board of Directors Bo Pratt said.

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