New Pennsylvania Venture Guarantee Program


Guarantees to top-tier venture capital partnerships for investments in growth stage Pennsylvania companies.


Guarantees on the first losses of equity investment made in Pennsylvania companies.


Venture Capital partnerships


To be determined. Visit for updates.

Purpose of Funding

  • Working Capital


Refer to program guidelines.

How to Apply

Refer to program guidelines.


What is the goal of the New Pennsylvania Venture Guarantee Program?

The goal of this program is to increase the amount of equity financing available to businesses throughout Pennsylvania. The state has a long history of partnering with the private sector through various investment vehicles to spur economic growth. This program continues that tradition. Under the New Pennsylvania Venture Guarantee Program, we can build upon that history by providing investment guarantees to qualified top tier venture capital companies.

Why do we need a venture fund involvement on the state level?

Pennsylvania’s economic growth is seriously compromised by a lack of investment funding and venture capital. The level of capital available through this program will allow Pennsylvania companies to find the support they need to grow and create jobs here.

How does this program work?

The New Pennsylvania Venture Guarantee Program will allow the state to more actively partner with the venture capital community by structuring a program that guarantees up to a total of $250 million on the first losses of equity investments made in Pennsylvania companies by qualified venture capital firms. In return, these investment guarantees will provide an additional $250 million in syndicated investments, leveraging a total pool of $500 million in new capital available for Pennsylvania growth-stage companies.