Municipal Assistance Program (MAP)


Provides funding to assist local governments to plan for and efficiently implement a variety of services and improvements, and soundly manage development with an emphasis on intergovernmental approaches.  Funding is available for three groups of activities: shared services, community planning and floodplain management.


Shared service activities: consolidating or regionalizing shared services among multiple counties and municipalities boundary change studies, shared personnel and shared equipment. New or expanded intergovernmental initiatives that promote local governmental efficiencies and effectiveness.

Community planning: comprehensive plans and parts thereof, land use ordinances, Transit Revitalization Investment District planning studies and entrepreneurial/innovative plans that support community and economic development improvements with an emphasis on multi-municipal plans. 

Floodplain management: reimbursement for costs of preparation, enactment, administration and enforcement of floodplain management regulations pursuant to the Flood Plain Management Act.


Grants of up to 50 percent of eligible costs.


Counties and municipalities may apply.  Shared service activities require two or more participating municipalities.  Some projects are open to COGs and other intergovernmental organizations where duly authorized by participating municipalities.


Refer to program guidelines, when available.

Additional Information

Municipal Assistance Program Fact Sheet

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