Local Share Account (LSA) – Montgomery County


As required under Act 71 (the Gaming Act), the CFA has developed program guidelines for Local Share Account Funds in Montgomery County.


LSA funds are available for eligible projects in Montgomery County.  Grants are available for the redevelopment, reuse, or revitalization of previously developed land, development of undeveloped land, and projects which construct, expand, or improve water and wastewater infrastructure related to business development.  Planning grants are available to fund predevelopment activities and feasibility studies for those projects.  Guarantees are available in accordance with the Tax Increment Financing Act.


  • Eligible applicants for key site development projects include Montgomery County and municipalities, municipal authorities, redevelopment authorities, and industrial development agencies in the county.
  • Eligible applicants for water supply and wastewater infrastructure projects include Montgomery County and municipalities and municipal authorities in the county.
  • Eligible applicants for guarantees must be eligible to apply under the current Tax Increment Financing Guarantee program.  Please see guidelines for details.


Grant and guarantee amounts will vary based on the specific project requirements.


See program guidelines.