Small Business Spotlight: Signallamp Health, LLC

Signallamp Offering Personalized Assistance

Signallamp Health works with physicians and nurses to provide population health services to patients with multiple chronic conditions across six states, including Pennsylvania.

In March 2016, Governor Tom Wolf toured and announced that Signallamp would add 69 jobs at a new site in Scranton with assistance from a Pennsylvania First program grant and WEDnetPA funding, as well as assistance from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

What does your business specialize in, and who are your clients?

Signallamp is an IT-enabled health care management company that partners with physicians to improve ambulatory care. We work remotely with doctors to provide personalized care and expand their treatment and management of chronic conditions beyond their exam rooms.

Our patients are typically seniors with multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. These patients are often taking medication and have regular doctor visits. Our nursing team works closely with patients and their caregivers to ensure that they are getting the right care at the right time and the right place, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle in-between visits. This interaction works to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and provide patients with the much-needed time and support they need.

What does your company do differently that sets it apart?

We create a patient care system that is adaptable for each physician’s office. Signallamp works cohesively with a variety of organizations, and we pair nurses specifically to each practice and each patient.

Our approach and technology allows our staff to become an extension of the doctor’s office, connecting patients, nurses, and physicians without the physician making major investments or changing their IT environment. A Signallamp nurse is then partnered with a patient as a personal contact for care. We believe this one-on-one attention is critical to improving patient health and access to affordable health care.

At our new site at the Bank Towers Building in downtown Scranton’s Central Business District, we have a growing team of nurses working alongside hundreds of physicians to engage with patients between visits or transitioning out of the hospital.

Why are you proud to be a Pennsylvania small business owner?

Our name Signallamp pays homage to Scranton’s industrial roots and the iconic signal lamps once used in the rail yard visible from our office. We draw parallels to the work ethic and ingenuity it took to put Scranton on the map with the work we are doing in the trenches of the health care delivery system each day.

“Part of our success has come from our close proximity to 17 colleges and universities that provide a wealth of skilled employees.”

U.S. health care is undergoing a significant paradigm shift while trying to care for a population that is older and sicker than ever. Pennsylvania has been a great base for us as we expand our services and need to recruit more talent to work on a national level. Part of our success has come from our close proximity to 17 colleges and universities that provide a wealth of skilled employees.

I am also originally from the Scranton area, and I find that the city is a great place to build a business while providing a strong quality of life for my family and me.

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