Where Are They Now?: thredUP’s Success in Central PA

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During my ongoing “Jobs that Pay” tour last week, I had the opportunity to visit thredUP — a leading online marketplace for consumers to buy and sell like-new women’s and children’s clothing —that recently established its eastern U.S. processing and distribution facility in Mechanicsburg, PA.

In 2015, the Governor’s Action Team announced that thredUP would be establishing a site in Cumberland County. At its launch last year, the company began with a staff of 20. Today, it’s grown to more than 100 employees on-site with plans to create 200 more. On top of that, I am proud to note that thredUP offers a minimum starting wage of $11 per hour.

It’s important that we look at companies like thredUP as an example of the success a business can achieve while also paying its employees a competitive wage. This company has shown a commitment to empowering its employees with fair wages, increasing the purchasing power of the workforce, and continuing to add even more jobs. We are very excited that they are thriving in Central Pennsylvania.

When initially choosing their location, thredUP credited Pennsylvania’s broadband infrastructure (a critical feature for any online retailer relying on fast and reliable internet service) and our location, which allows the company to reach markets throughout the eastern United States. They also noted the area’sstrong talent pool from which they are drawing their employees.

Seeing thredUP’s business grow over the past year has been tremendous. This is just one example among many that I’ve been privileged to witness firsthand. If you’re interested in seeing more of our #PAProud moments and news stories like thredUP’s, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@DCEDSecretary), sign up for our DCED e-newsletter, and follow our blog for more Where Are They Now? feature stories. Let’s celebrate companies like thredUP that are moving up and contributing to our communities across Pennsylvania.


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