Maker Monday: Fox Meadows Creamery

Krista Fox
Krista Fox
Occupation: Research and Development
Employer: Fox Meadows Creamery

The Fox family started their dairy farm in the 1950s in Lancaster County, developing it into a leader in milk quality, animal husbandry, and milk production. Today, Fox Meadows Creamery offers a true cow-to-cone experience, creating hand-crafted ice cream with milk straight from their dairy cows. Fox Meadows is also a part of the Pennsylvania Tourism Office’s new Ice Cream Trail, which supports the dairy industry and encourages travelers to #PursueYourScoops by collecting stamps on a passport along twelve creameries in the heart of PA dairy country.

How did you get into your career in food manufacturing?

In 2011, my husband’s family first began processing the idea of creating a value-added dairy product from our dairy farm to allow both my husband and his older brother to be involved in the family farm. After much research and discernment, we landed on the idea of making ice cream using milk from our dairy farm.

At that time, I was the office manager for a tree service business, and, in all honesty, I was chosen by a process of elimination to attend the 2013 Penn State Ice Cream Short Course since I was the only one in our family who had flexibility with my job at that time of year. After I attended that course, our family felt a final confirmation that starting an ice cream business was something we would be able to tackle. We also realized at that time that I have the best personality fit for a research and development role, while the others in our family use their gifts in a variety of other ways — from team leadership to marketing to maintenance.

Creating a natural product with as few ingredients as possible was very important to us, because showing our guests where their food comes from is an essential part of our story. There were limited resources to help us with that aspect of creating our ice cream recipe. But after extensive research to understand the science behind ice cream, I had a recipe on paper containing only six ingredients that we were able to test for the first time on our newly-installed equipment in January 2015. After a minor tweak to the base recipe and some intense flavor development, we opened our doors a few months later in April. Today, I still create and troubleshoot all our new ice cream flavor recipes, and I recently began developing our lunch menu items as well.

What do you love most about your job?

It never ceases to excite me how the sky is the limit on how creative we can be with our ice cream flavors. We make each flavor by hand using batch freezers and create the majority of our own inclusions in-house from scratch. But even more than that, I love working right alongside our phenomenal team members to train them on new ice cream and lunch menu items. I am thrilled to watch them artistically hand-craft these items each and every day to delight our guests.

What is one thing you want people to know about Fox Meadows Creamery?

We are humbled that many of our guests think of us as their “happy place”. It is common for our guests to visit to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. We’ve also been privileged to host engagement proposals, baby announcements, and many first dates. We work hard each day to live out our mission to refresh, inspire, and bring joy. Any time we can bring a smile to a guest’s face while serving up scoops of hand-crafted ice cream is a great day!

What makes you proud to be a Pennsylvania maker?

It is hard to imagine our state as what it was named for — “Penn’s Woods”, but the dense woodland at that time was a result of the rich and abundant resources that are found in this state, especially in Lancaster County. I thoroughly enjoy living in an area with diverse and unique seasons, each one distinct with its own form of beauty. As a business, we benefit from the county’s thriving and booming economy with a wide array of vendors and support businesses. We love interacting with our guests who come from all different parts of the state, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to meet and serve them each day.

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