Attn Employers: 5 Go-To Tax Tools for a Headache-Free Filing in 2022

Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg, PA

Are you an employer that’s located in or has employees in Pennsylvania? We’re here to help this tax season.

With tax season looming on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about filing your local withholding taxes. Don’t fear, PA employers! We have tax resources that will help your filing process go more smoothly — and they’re all available online and free to use. We asked the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services to share a few DCED resources that will help make your filing process less taxing this year.

  1. Look Up Your Withholding Rates & PSD Codes

    Our Municipal Statistics site (MunStats) enables you to look up your withholding rate, political subdivision code (PSD code), and local tax collector information by home and work address.

  2. The Official Tax Register

    The Official Tax Register lists withholding rates, local tax collector information, and PSD codes from municipalities and school districts, and is the official source for employers to determine withholding rates for their employees. This register is required to be released twice per year: June 15 and December 15.

  3. The Real-Time Register

    To view the most current withholding rates, use the Real-Time Register. This register includes the most current withholding rates for municipalities and school districts within a 24-hour period. Those who do not submit changes in time for the Official Register report releases on June 15 and December 15 will show up here, and will be updated on the Official Register when next released.

  4. Local Withholding Tax FAQs

    Wondering how to determine an employee’s local earned income tax liability, or how Act 32 applies to you as an employer? Learn the answers to these questions and many others at our Local Withholding FAQ section, where we’ve listed the most common questions and answers regarding Local Withholding Tax.

  5. PSD Codes & EIT Rates

    Learn more about PSD codes and EIT rates and how they’re used in the local Earned Income Tax process, and determine your PSD code with a simple address search.

Bonus Resource: Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop

If you’re looking for additional business resources for Pennsylvania employers, visit the Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop website, which has useful information pertaining to PA Employer Withholding and Local Earned Income Tax, among other tax topics relevant to business owners at all stages of the business process.

To learn more about the tax resources available to Pennsylvania employers, visit the DCED Local Government homepage or call 1.888.223.6837. Be sure to follow our social channels (Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn,) and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for additional tips.


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