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Over the past several years, I have traveled across Pennsylvania and have met with hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes. I’m always impressed by their operations, employees, and the impact they make not just in our commonwealth but across the nation and often internationally. Pennsylvania has always been home to some of the […]
Did you know that October is National Women’s Small Business Month? There are countless female trailblazers who call Pennsylvania home, and they have made immeasurable contributions to our state, our economy, and in many cases globally. Recently, H2O Connected and Chariot Solutions partnered to save commercial property owners money and conserve water. Susan Springsteen H2O […]
Licorne. Enhörning. Jednorożec. Unicorn. It’s a term used in the venture capital industry to describe a privately held startup company valued at $1 billion or more. Pennsylvania’s own Duolingo recently reached unicorn status after a $30 million investment from CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth equity investment fund, making it Pittsburgh’s first venture capital-funded tech start-up company to […]
In 2015, Penn State University President Eric Barron launched the Invent Penn State (IPS) program, an initiative to spur economic development, job creation, and student career success. With the goal of leveraging Penn State’s research, knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit, IPS currently helps fund 21 Innovation Hubs — which are free to the community — at […]
Erie, PA The federal Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program spurs economic development and job creation in low-income communities by offering tax incentives for investment into designated distressed census tracts. In 2018, Pennsylvania nominated 300 census tracts for QOZ designation based on their distressed economic status, recommendations from local partners, and the likelihood of private-sector investment […]
The fourth industrial revolution continues to usher in emerging technology that’s growing at an exponential rate. While the first wave focused on mass production and was powered by steam engines and electric motors, the current movement is characterized by robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT). These blurred lines between devices, platforms, and […]
Designed to spur economic development, job creation, and student career success, the Invent Penn State (IPS) initiative is an integral part of Pennsylvania’s thriving entrepreneurial culture. #PAproud is posting a four-part series highlighting IPS and its accomplishments. Our first article focused on the initiative’s inception, with Penn State President Eric Barron’s vision for utilizing the […]
Simcoach Games, along with other Pennsylvania gaming companies, is taking game development to the next level. Originally created as a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) by founder Jessica Trybus, Simcoach is making games that drive learning and behavior change; currently, their focus is on workforce development. We caught up with Jessica […]
CSL Behring may be the best-kept secret in the biopharmaceutical industry today. In advance of Rare Disease Day 2018 (February 28), we spoke to Karen Etchberger, the King of Prussia site leader and EVP of Quality and Business Services at CSL Behring, to find out why her company chose Pennsylvania and how their work contributes […]
Pennsylvania has long been a leader in the life sciences industry — boasting innovation, a talented workforce, and a renowned education pipeline. The state has played an especially integral role in developing clinical trials in the United States for a variety of chronic conditions. This role continues to grow, and the impact on the state’s […]
Pennsylvania is growing into a tech titan, with specializations in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and — as I wrote last month — software and game development, among other areas of expertise. Everywhere you look, there’s evidence that Pennsylvania is transforming into something more than the sum of its parts. If you examine the driving force behind […]
In July 2017, AOL Founder Steve Case announced he would bring his entrepreneurial competition, Rise of the Rest, to five new locations — including Central Pennsylvania. Entrepreneurs interested in pitching their idea for a $100,000 investment submitted their applications in August, and nine finalists were selected. On Oct. 10, the first stop on the Rise […]
Video games first hit the mainstream in 1972 with the success of Pong. Since then, their conception and development has attracted those who enjoy using their talent and creativity to entertain millions across the world. Whether they have engaging gameplay, immersive storytelling, intricate strategy, show-stopping visuals, or just plain entertainment at their core, video games […]
While California’s Silicon Valley may be home to the most tech startups, several cities in Pennsylvania are spurring new technologies and offering ideal locations that boast lower costs of living, quality resources for early-stage entrepreneurs, and a stronger sense of community than many other tech city giants. Check out six of Pennsylvania’s best locations for […]
Technology-Driven Economic Development Pennsylvania has long been a leader in technology-driven economic development strategies. We know that technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship often go together, and we have worked hard to create an environment and business climate that supports startup companies. What sets Pennsylvania apart from many of our competitors around the United States and internationally […]
This month, the line between business and the arts blurs. Keystone Edge — an online magazine covering what’s next and best in the state — is back with a peek at our latest edition. Keystone Edge is here with some scintillating stories to cure your winter doldrums. In February, it’s all about how creative enterprises […]
It’s that time again. Sure, time for the holiday season, but also time for Keystone Edge — an online magazine covering what’s next and best in Pennsylvania — to share an inside look at our December issue. December’s issue of Keystone Edge is full of stories about Pennsylvania innovators, the things they make, and the […]
Pennsylvania is a major player in technology-based economic development, and has been in a leader in the industry for many years. The state’s prominent life sciences industry (i.e., biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics sectors) relies heavily on technology and innovation to discover and develop revolutionary products and new medications.
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