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Pennsylvania’s 6+ million-strong workforce of is one of our most compelling business advantages, and is one in which the state continues to make investments through dedicated programs and services. One such program, WEDnetPA, funded by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), has helped more than 20,000 companies train more than one million Pennsylvania […]
A good job can’t be measured just by a punch clock. Today, work is a dynamic concept requiring a workforce adaptable to changing market forces, technology, and societal needs. Trends are emerging that are prompting the need for fresh approaches to workforce development. Over the last 10 years, Pennsylvania has seen careers in science, technology, […]
In Pennsylvania, apprenticeship programs provide opportunities for students, workers, and job seekers to gain the technical skills needed in growing industries while helping employers build diverse, skilled workforces that meet their talent needs. This results in more fulfilled employees and efficient businesses that can continually grow while using modern techniques and practices — making both […]
In September 2016, the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) officially opened The Pennovation Center, a 58,000 square-foot facility that allows researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to plant and grow a business. To learn more about this new center and the economic and community development it is spurring in West Philadelphia, we spoke to Anne Papageorge, Vice President […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com As thousands of Pennsylvania college and graduate students troop back to school this month, most will be majoring in accounting, biology, engineering, English — the usual stuff. But some institutions of higher learning offer academic study in highly specialized and offbeat topics. Social media, beer brewing, auctioneering, exploring […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com Since 2012, Penn State’s Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL) has focused on building and sustaining a culture of collaboration and invention with the aim of improving teaching and learning. Now COIL has merged with the Penn State EdTech Network, furthering the university’s mission to promote the […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com Imagine a set of pipes treated with an insecticide that kills mosquitoes before they can get inside a house and infect the occupants with malaria. Or a fungus that can be coated onto walls to kill mosquitoes before they reach day 14, when they become able to transfer […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com Located on the campus of York College of Pennsylvania, the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship looks to both its 5,000-student campus community and the city beyond to promote innovation and entrepreneurial activity. How can we as an institution of higher education help businesses grow and stay in York? […]
Part of The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the University of Pittsburgh’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) helps start, grow, and sustain businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania. We spoke to Michael Wholihan, Manager of Training & Community Outreach, to learn how the SBDC is providing this training and meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners in […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com In describing the Rural Regional College of Northern Pennsylvania (RRC), it’s easier to explain what the planned institution is not than what it is. There will always be people who need to go to a physical place and need interaction with a teacher and classmates.— Kate Brock, Executive […]
This article was previously published on KeystoneEdge.com For more than a decade, Dave Goldman co-owned Philadelphia-area restaurant chain Landmark Americana. He was also a seasoned home brewer. His ultimate goal was to combine those passions by opening a brewpub featuring his long-workshopped recipes. With the crowded market, the ability to develop a product that goes […]