Wolf Administration Tours New Freedom Borough, Details Benefits of Restore Pennsylvania for York County

New Freedom, PA – Today, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs and Development Rick Vilello joined local officials and community leaders on a tour of downtown New Freedom Borough to discuss its challenges and efforts to encourage economic development in the region. They also discussed how the Restore Pennsylvania proposal could help municipalities encourage private investment and business growth, address transportation infrastructure challenges, eradicate blight, and create more green space to help communities grow.

“We see a Pennsylvania that provides opportunities for development and growth for all, vibrant and connected towns and cities in every part of the state,” Vilello said. “Restore Pennsylvania is the only way to make that vision a reality and bring the massive amount of resources needed to move communities like New Freedom forward.”

Restore Pennsylvania, the $4.5 billion bipartisan proposal funded through a commonsense severance tax, would increase financial resources at the local level to create new development opportunities. If passed into law, Restore Pennsylvania would fund significant, high-impact projects throughout the commonwealth at a level far beyond any existing funding mechanisms at the local and state levels, and allow municipalities to direct funding to other economic development projects.

Restore Pennsylvania is a statewide plan to aggressively address the commonwealth’s vital infrastructure needs. Funded through a commonsense severance tax, Restore Pennsylvania is the only plan that will help make Pennsylvania a leader in the 21st century.

Learn more about what critical infrastructure could be fixed in your community by visiting the Restore Pennsylvania website.

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Casey Smith, DCED, 717.783.1132

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