Wolf Administration Outlines Benefits of Restore Pennsylvania for the City of Chester

Chester, PA – Today, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Dennis Davin joined Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland and other community leaders to discuss the City of Chester’s challenges in its fight against blight, and how the bipartisan Restore Pennsylvania infrastructure proposal could help the city eliminate blight.

“The City of Chester and the commonwealth have come a long way in terms of eliminating blight, but there is still work to be done,” Secretary Davin said. “Restore Pennsylvania is crucial in this fight because it positions our communities for success. If we want to build stronger communities and become leaders in the 21st century, we must invest in our infrastructure and development.”

Restore Pennsylvania, the $4.5 billion bipartisan proposal funded through a commonsense severance tax, to rebuild Pennsylvania’s infrastructure, will increase resources for addressing blight by providing financial resources at the local level to establish land banks and acquire and demolish blighted buildings to create new development opportunities or provide new green space. The funding will be administered by entities established by the legislature as land banks or demolition funds.

The City of Chester and Delaware County have thousands of blighted properties, but local municipalities are often unable to fund the demolitions or redevelopment themselves. If passed into law, Restore Pennsylvania would be able to fund blight remediation efforts at a level far beyond any existing funding mechanisms at the local and state levels.

“Blight incidences throughout the city negatively impacts our residents, business owners and potential development efforts. That is why initiatives like Restore Pennsylvania are essential in helping Chester address quality of life issues,” said Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland. “It is imperative that we partner with local, county and state officials to ensure we are all doing our part in making the commonwealth of Pennsylvania a better place to live, work and play.”

Restore Pennsylvania is a statewide plan to aggressively address the commonwealth’s vital infrastructure needs. Funded through a commonsense severance tax, Restore Pennsylvania is the only plan that will help make Pennsylvania a leader in the 21st century.

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