Wolf Administration: Harrisburg Design Company andculture Creates a New Vision of ‘Back to Work’ Post-Pandemic

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Deputy Secretary of Technology and Innovation Steve D’Ettorre toured Harrisburg-based design company andculture to hear from company representatives about how they endured the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking ahead in recovery.

“andculture is the type of company that represents the future of business in the commonwealth—one that caters to its employees and its clients equally,” said D’Ettorre. “With their eye on innovation and their ability to adapt to challenging situations, the andculture team is well positioned to reimagine what it means to work in downtown Harrisburg post-pandemic, attracting talent from across the state and country as a result.”

While the company has been working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been simultaneously renovating the vacant Old Waterworks building on Front Street in Harrisburg. The company is actively working to ensure a seamless entry into the workplace post-pandemic while offering the amenities and incentives that will be a staple in companies attracting tech-savvy workers.

“Being intentional about how we leverage place — home, office, coffee shops, an Airbnb, a friend’s couch — has never been more critical,” said David Hickethier, founder/CEO of andculture. “We must continue to innovate around ideal methods to foster relationship equity, collaborate, collide and discover in a hybrid world. There is much to (re)learn about our interactions, and we’re excited to continue experimenting with the variable of place as we seek deep, meaningful connections with our coworkers, clients, and community. One thing is certain, the power to redesign many aspects of our lives is now upon us, and there has never been a better time to re-imagine new and exciting ways to interact with the world around us.”

During the visit, D’Ettorre also highlighted how Governor Tom Wolf’s Back to Work PA plan will help Pennsylvania’s workers, businesses, and economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic through strategic investments into technology and innovation industries.

Back to Work PA would address several of the major barriers, identified by the bipartisan Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center, that many Pennsylvanians face pre- and post-pandemic. It would build the workforce of the future by investing in STEM, developing a holistic funding strategy to foster creation of new companies, combatting brain drain, and supporting businesses that hire Pennsylvania students.

By injecting $3 billion into the commonwealth’s education system and workforce, Back to Work PA would benefit companies like andculture—attractive places to work that draw in talent and keep them here in Pennsylvania. The plan would direct resources to support talent development for high-demand occupations, and focus on high-quality well-paying jobs that lead to careers with family-sustaining wages.

andculture is a strategic design company creating immersive experiences for nationally based client partners. This includes a diverse range of digital, software, and marketing work for the Fortune 500, venture-funded start-ups in CA and NY, as well as local organizations here in Pennsylvania.

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Casey Smith, DCED, casesmith@pa.gov

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