Wolf Administration Continues ‘Jobs That Pay’ Tour at Simcoach Games, Highlighting Governor Wolf’s Commitment to Workforce Development

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Deputy Secretary Carol Kilko, Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Deputy Secretary Eileen Cipriani, and Department of Education (PDE) Deputy Secretary Debbie Reeves visited Simcoach Games, a developer of games that expose workers to job skills and connects them to real career opportunities in their region, highlighting Governor Wolf’s commitment to workforce development and STEM education.

“At the state level, one of the biggest challenges we face in our efforts to improve our business climate is ensuring that our workforce is equipped with the skills and training it needs to succeed in an economy that changes and evolves faster than ever before,” Kilko said. “Governor Wolf has made workforce development one of his top priorities for the commonwealth, so it’s truly exciting to see a company like Simcoach Games assisting in that goal by using technology to put their own innovative spin on workforce development and STEM.”

The administration officials discussed with the company the ways in which the Wolf Administration is supporting workforce development and how the public and private sectors can come together to strengthen our workforce through STEM education, apprenticeship programs, job training, and more.

“Workforce development tools like these are essential in fostering a 21st century workforce, as they help job seekers expand their skillset to become more attractive and marketable to employers,” said Cipriani. “They also encourage youth and adults to explore jobs in the STEM industries, leading to careers that otherwise may not have been considered. Simcoach Games is an exemplary model of a woman-led business that promotes career pathways in the STEM industry.”

“Our goal at Simcoach Games is to inspire the next generation of the workforce and connect them to excellent career pathways using free, mobile video games,” said Jessica Trybus, founder and chief games officer of Simcoach Games. “Our company benefits greatly from workforce development efforts that are contributing to the world-class talent pool in Pittsburgh, and these initiatives can have a profound impact on individuals lives. We believe that innovative workforce development solutions will change the future, and it’s encouraging that Governor Wolf has prioritized these efforts across Pennsylvania.”

Governor Wolf recently launched the PASmart initiative to promote 21st century jobs and skills and to help all Pennsylvanians prepare for successful careers. In his most recent budget proposal, Governor Wolf has also called for a $40 million increase in developing a skilled workforce. This additional investment will help to enhance Career and Technical Education programs and in-demand career pathways, promote employer engagement in postsecondary education, and enhance computer science education at all levels. An additional $10 million increase is provided in the Department of Labor & Industry to increase apprenticeships and industry partnerships. The budget proposal also calls for $15 million for greater access to STEM and computer science related education and training for all students.

“To succeed academically, students need to grow socially and emotionally too,” Reeves said. “Adopting innovative approaches to learning can help all students thrive, and ultimately graduate college or career ready.”

Over the past twelve years, Simcoach Games has developed video games for learning and behavior change, serving organizations within retail, construction, manufacturing, government and healthcare. The company’s games are designed to provide active engagement that cannot be duplicated with traditional training methods. This led to the development of the Simcoach Skill Arcade, a workforce development platform that places the power to learn and practice skills in the player’s hands in a way that keeps the learner engaged and motivated.

For more information about the Wolf Administration’s commitment to workforce development, visit the DCED website, and be sure to stay up-to-date with all of our agency news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. For more information about how Simcoach is promoting workforce development, visit the Small Business Spotlight entry for the company.

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