DCED Secretary Davin Continues Jobs Conversation at ‘Jobs that Pay’ Tour at TruFood Mfg., Inc.

O’Hara Township, PA – Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin today continued his ‘Jobs that Pay’ tour at TruFood Mfg., Inc., a manufacturer of chocolate confections and nutrition bars, to highlight Governor Wolf’s proposals to strengthen Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector and support small business growth.

“Governor Wolf is committed to ensuring that the state’s manufacturers continue to thrive,” Davin said. “TruFood is a manufacturing success story and we are proud to be a partner of this great Pennsylvania company as they continue to great new jobs for Pennsylvanians.”

Governor Wolf’s budget plan includes the recapitalization of a few of the proven economic development tools utilized by TruFood such as the Pennsylvania First program and Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority funds.

Governor Wolf’s 2015-16 budget will provide an increase of $25 million to Pennsylvania First to continue to foster investment, job creation and provide support for WEDnetPA, a critical employee training program available to Pennsylvania’s workers.

“I want to thank the State, Governor Wolf, and Secretary Davin for their continued support of my company and manufacturing job growth in Pittsburgh,” Pete Tsudis, president of TruFood Mfg., Inc. said. “Their support was instrumental to the success of this project.”

Governor Wolf’s budget will also provide critical access to capital for small businesses by infusing $100 million into the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority through revenue from the severance tax on gas drilling.

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority awarded the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania a $2 million, 15-year loan at 2.75 percent on behalf of TruFood Mfg., Inc. to acquire a 155,000-square-foot building in O’Hara Township.

For more information about Governor Wolf’s commitment to supporting Jobs that Pay, visit www.pa.gov/jobs-that-pay.

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