DCED Assists with Creation of Harmony Fire District Station 22 in Butler County to Improve Community Safety and Reduce Costs

Department of Community and Economic Development Acting Secretary Dennis Davintoday announced that with technical assistance from the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services, the Harmony and Zelienople Fire Companies in Butler County will consolidate operations into a single company to improve services and reduce costs to taxpayers. The new organization will be known as the Harmony Fire District Station 22.

“Fire and emergency services are a vital and necessary service that the communities throughout Pennsylvania rely on daily,” Davin said. “Collaboration and consolidation of these services will not only reduce costs to the taxpayers but will ensure that they remain a continued presence within the communities they serve.”

The newly formed Harmony Fire District Station 22 will result in long-term cost savings due to the consolidation of apparatus and buildings. The consolidation of apparatus will also allow for older equipment to be sold adding to additional fiscal resources. 

The consolidated company will have approximately 60 active volunteer members and will combine coverage areas focusing on providing service to Zelienople and Harmony Boroughs, Jackson and Lancaster Townships. 

“This has been 22 years in the making,” said Tim Sapienza, Vice President of the Merger Committee. “The proposal has been on the table for years and it is nice to see things working correctly and moving forward. The cooperation so far between the two fire companies is impressive. I have personally never seen us work so well together.”

The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services (GCLGS), housed within DCED, aided with the consolidation. GCLGS provides technical resources and assistance for companies considering merger, consolidation, regional efforts and also serves as a resource for local government officials, developers, and citizens interested in planning to improve, grow and enhance communities. 

To learn more about the GCLGS and other DCED programs, visit www.newPA.com or call 1-866-466-3972.

Media Contact: Heidi Havens, DCED, 717-783-1132

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