Policy Advisory Council (PAC)

Weatherization Policy Advisory Council

DCED established a Weatherization Policy Advisory Council (PAC) to advise the Department on issues related to the administration of the weatherization program. The council has reviewed the by-laws, established sub-committees, meets quarterly, and has recruited new volunteers. The PAC reviews the annual state plan, and where feasible, its comments and recommendations are included prior to submission of the annual Plan to the Department of Energy.

The PAC includes representatives of electric utilities, utility associations, subgrantees, energy advocacy groups, social service agencies, and other governmental agencies. The current PAC membership includes:

Center for Community Action Wendy Melius, Executive Director
Clean Energy Center, PA College of Tech Alison Diehl, Director
Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Deb Davis, Manager
Commission on Economic Opportunity Eugene Brady, Executive Director
Community Action Association of Pennsylvania Dan Leppo, Interim Executive Director
Consultant/Advocate (Volunteer) Mitch Miller, President of Miller Consulting
Department of Health David Saunders, Director
Department of Human Services Brian Whorl, Division Director
Department of Human Services Cathy Buhrig, Director
Department of Environmental Protection Lindsay Byron, Environmental Group Manager
Energy Association of Pennsylvania Donna Clark, Vice President & General Counsel
Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia Steve Luxton, Executive Director
Lawrence County Community Action Partnership Thomas Scott, CEO
PA Utility Law Project Elizabeth Marx, Executive Director
PA Public Utility Commission Haley Book, Senior Policy Manager
PA Public Utility Commission Regina Carter, Energy Policy Analyst
PA Public Utility Commission Sarah Dewey, Policy Analyst Supervisor
Philadelphia Energy Authority Alon Abramson, Director
PPL Electric Utilities Melinda Stumpf, Manager
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