How to Apply

Apply for a Job in the Department of Community and Economic Development


As a government agency, DCED hires employees through one of two separate avenues. The majority of our staff is “non-classified” and thus not subject to the provisions of Civil Service. When the department needs to fill a non-classified position, candidates are solicited from the Governor’s Bureau of State Employment (BSE). Make sure to read our FAQ section to Avoid Common Mistakes when applying.

Apply for Non-Civil Service Vacancies

Vacancy Announcements are typically posted at DCED offices for at least 5 days.

Entry level union vacancies and management vacancies are filled through applicant referrals from the Bureaus of State Employment to DCED in order to be interviewed. Candidates are referred by BSE for interviews based on the skills, experience, and education listed on their resumes. The more skills you include on your resume, the better!

Non-entry level union vacancies are filled through seniority or by selecting an applicant from the same class title as the vacancy. These applicants must be employed in the same seniority unit as the posted vacancy. If there are no qualified seniority applicants, the Bureau of State Employment will send the names of qualified applicants to be interviewed for the vacancy. Candidates referred to DCED will be asked to provide a transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable).

Information on jobs available and how to apply are available on the PA employment website at

Apply for Civil Service Vacancies

Vacancy Announcements are typically posted at DCED offices and JobNet for at least 5 days.

The State Civil Service Commission oversees Civil Service employment. A number of positions within DCED are filled in accordance with the State Civil Service Act.   A candidate seeking Civil Service opportunities at the Department must have regular Civil Service status, prior Commonwealth employment or competitive Civil Service testing.

If the job you apply for requires testing, the SCSC will inform you of the next test’s time and place. Test results are mailed to applicants. If you pass the test and meet the minimum requirements, your name is placed on an eligibility list. When a job vacancy occurs, interviews are conducted from the highest ranking names on the eligibility list.

Application forms, instructions, general information about testing, and a list of current Commonwealth of PA Civil Service openings by job category and title are available on the PA Civil Service Commission website at

Contact Human Resources regarding employment questions. This email address is specifically for Non-Commonwealth employees. Current Commonwealth employees must contact their Human Resources office regarding employment questions.