Labor & Workforce

Summary of the labor and workforce issues to be considered when establishing and growing a business in PA

Pennsylvania has “at will” employment. What, exactly, does that mean?

In Pennsylvania (like a number of other states), workers will generally be considered to be “at will” employees unless they have an employment contract or statutory right that provides otherwise. An employer may terminate the services of an “at will” employee, with or without cause, at any time — as long as an employee is not let go for an unlawful purpose, such as age or racial discrimination. Conversely, “at will” employees have a similar right to resign their employment, for any reason (or no reason at all), at any time.

What is Pennsylvania’s law regarding the dismissal/termination of employees?
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Am I required to pay my employees a premium rate for weekend or holiday work?
What is the typical cost for a benefit package for employees, as a percentage of their gross wages?
How much vacation should I give my employees in Pennsylvania?
Am I required to provide unpaid leave to my employees for medical or other absences?
What is Unemployment Compensation?
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Can the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania help me find qualified employees?
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May I hire temporary workers from other countries?
What is the difference between Full-time, Part-time, and Temporary Employees?
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