Joint Venture Partnership Program Opportunities

A list of current Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities

These Pennsylvania Joint Venture Partnership opportunities are available to businesses of any size, including companies looking to expand, opening a new enterprise or division, returning from offshore, or relocating to Pennsylvania from another state.


Main Product(s): This company has developed and patented a uniquely shaped rainwater gutter system for use on commercial and residential property. They are seeking a joint venture partner that can manufacture/distribute/license the product for the U.S. market. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical automatic powder compacting presses for production of parts, including but not limited to, metal, ceramic, diamonds, carbides and other special powders. They are seeking a partner with potential synergy of product(s) and/or other synergy opportunity. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company specializes in the manufacture/supply of various test devices such as leak testers, volume and mass flow testers, leak calibration instruments for industrial production processes and more. They are seeking a U.S. partner to serve their existing customer base and assist in business expansion. The ideal candidate has B2B experience with advanced measuring equipment and can provide maintenance, service and calibration services for customers. The potential partner could be an automation company, dealer for testing equipment and/or any partner with potential synergy of products. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company specializes in the manufacture of industrial image processing systems across a number of different sectors including automotive, packaging, medical technology and more. They are seeking a partner who can assist with the service/sales/manufacturing of the products for the U.S. market/customers. Privately owned company. Established 1995.

Main Product(s): This European company specializes in the production of protective films for the construction industry (indoor/outdoor) including; plastic films, cotton tarpaulins, plasticized cotton, felt, self-adhesive tarpaulins, tarpaulins and nets for scaffolding. This is a profitable company with strong investment capacity. They are interested in a partner with expertise in the areas of R&D, production, and/or sales. No revenue limits for R&D companies but for production and sales, interested companies should have annual revenue at or above $5 million. Private Company. Established 1986.

Main Product(s): This Korean company specializes in the research and development of polyethylene foam which has a wide range of applications across several sectors including construction, insulation and packaging. They are seeking US expansion into emerging markets and/or partnership opportunities for recycling of PET and RPET. They are looking for a partner experienced in waste collection, landfill and/or a company with potential synergy of product and/or interests. Their technical expertise and valuable experience with other successful joint venture opportunities provides them with a unique formula for success with a partner Pennsylvania. Private Company. Established 1989.

Main Product(s): This company is a well-established Italian company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of highly-automated technologies for the Steel industry. Such products include: automatic guided vehicles (AGV) for coils logistic, automated overhead cranes, automated Warehouse Management Systems and all the other rail-bound integrated solutions for complex material handling. This company has decades of experience working with all the major Steel producers, such as Arcelor Mittal, with projects all over Italy and Europe and is widely recognized as a specialized supplier of tailor-made material handling solutions in the steel industry.

The Italian company is looking to acquire a company which currently supplies equipment to the steel industry. The ideal partner would have a recognized brand and clients among steel manufacturers, and would be looking for an infusion of capital and automation design/build experience. This company is open to considering different forms of partnership. Their vision is to create an entity in the United States which can design and build customized automation solutions for the steel industry, and provide after-sales service and maintenance to their customers.

Main Product(s): This Australian company designs and manufactures bathroom footstools. They have been selling into the US since early 2020 via Amazon as well as on the Goop website. They are looking to establish a 3PL set up in the US to fulfil US orders and interest in manufacturing their product in the US with a suitable partner. They are looking to identify Pennsylvania based bent wood timber manufacturers for product manufacturing partnership. The current model/product is: produced from sustainable, FSC certified timbers, made from moulded plywood and has multiple finishes: Natural / Tasmanian Oak, – internal veneer is Australian hoop pine, external veneer Tasmanian Oak (will consider American or other oak with similar colour and straight/linear grain).

Main Product(s):

This company designs thermistors and sensors to companies all across the world. They are looking for an engineering or parts manufacturing company who provides device parts for the Automotive, Electric Vehicle Motor and Battery, Medical, Food processing, Home and commercial appliances, Agriculture, Office Equipment and HVAC and/or a company with synergy of products and services for a potential partnership. The company will support the design stage to the delivery stage and will participate on projects providing the most efficient and state of the art design on thermistors and sensors. Public Company. Established 1953.

Main Product(s):

This company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment and software to help with lean manufacturing practices to companies all over the globe. They are now seeking to expand their existing US market base which currently includes industrial companies from the fortune 1000 list. They are seeking a partner with synergy of products for commercial collaboration and incrementally for US manufacturing operations. A partner with synergistic products is ideal so they can also support the partner’s interests in commercial expansion in the European market (if applicable). The ideal partner should have strong commercial synergies and see direct benefit from the sale of the products to their customer base (whether they sell direct and/or through channels). Ideally the potential partner would target the following users: Operations Managers, Process Excellence Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Inventory Managers, Maintenance Managers, Quality Managers, Plant Managers, Environment Health & Safety Managers however, there is also interest in partnering with companies that specialize in industrial signage, industrial safety equipment, and/or floor marking. Privately owned company. Established in 1990.

Main Product(s):

This company manufactures and distributes a portable cleansing unit for the pet industry. The unit is considered a small “electric appliance” with low-tech specifications. They are seeking a contract manufacturing partner with experience in parts procurement, sheet metal processing, function and quality testing, UL certification, assembly and packing/shipping. Once interest is determined, an NDA will be required to share more specific product information (including product drawings). Proximity to NJ/NY is a priority for this company. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s):

Well-established manufacturer of interactive flat panel displays, kiosks and video walls with multiple locations in China and an impressive international customer list seeks to expand into the North American market with a Pennsylvania partner. The company will consider different partnership formats for either the total manufacture or final assembly of high-performance products and for their distribution to the education, retail, government and commercial markets. Licensing agreement would be considered as well. Partners must possess a manufacturing facility with electronic/mechanical assembly experience and technical support capability to be successful. Potential synergy of products would be useful but not required. Sales and marketing expertise with existing sales channels are required for a distribution partner. The company will provide technical training for manufacture or product final assembly, design assistance and supply chain support as well as diagnostic training for technical customer support.

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