Joint Venture Partnership Program Opportunities

A list of current Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities as of March 2019

These Pennsylvania Joint Venture Partnership opportunities are available to businesses of any size, including companies looking to expand, opening a new enterprise or division, returning from offshore, or relocating to Pennsylvania from another state.


Main Product(s): This company has over 30+ years’ experience in the provision of photocells for dusk-to-dawn road and street outdoor lighting control. Its road and street lighting control technologies are supplied to: Utilities, Lighting Luminaire OEMs, and Municipalities throughout Europe, North America, Europe, Canada, and South Africa for the accurate and long-life control of their outdoor lighting installations. This company is seeking to partner with a company interested in the sale, marketing, and distribution of its products within the United States of America and South America to the specification sector and street lighting maintenance utilities. Additionally, the company seeks a partner interested in cooperating in the development of its intellectual property in the Smart IoT City emerging global market. This company is currently active in many countries worldwide, including the USA and Canada, and are well-placed to partner with a suitable company based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This well-established company manufactures an Automatic Portable Toilet (Smart Diaper) for bedridden persons. Its product is intended for medical patients, seniors, disabled and ill-persons with limited mobility in facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and hospices. The company received FDA approval in 2016 and is now seeking a financial partner for establishing its U.S. branch or a technology company interested in investing in the development of its next-generation portable toilet system. The company was founded in 2007.

Main Product(s): This company has developed and patented a uniquely shaped rainwater gutter system for use on commercial and residential property. They are seeking a joint venture partner that can manufacture/distribute/license the product for the U.S. market. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company is one of the world’s leading wet blasting companies who offers solutions for a large range of industries including: aerospace, aluminum extrusion, composites, cutting tools, nuclear and wire. They are looking for a partner with potential synergy of products. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company specializes in the manufacture and export of machinery and equipment for the petroleum (oil & coal) drilling industry. They are looking for opportunities with companies that have high-end aluminum alloy production, i.e., Series 5, 6, 7 production line technology, medium-and high-end carbon fiber production technologies and/or a partner with potential synergy of products. The potential partner should also have corresponding certifications that can provide the aluminum for automobile, rail transit and aviation. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company has developed unique products designed to help the next generation to safely play controlled contact sports. These products reduce the chance of injury to the individual and others, while helping to progress and develop the proper contact/tackling techniques. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): A Turkish company is looking for a JV partner to assemble (and possibly manufacture components) a line of new branded neonatal devices: including infant radiant warmers, incubators, mobile & intensive phototherapies, ‎mechanical resuscitators, ventilators and patient monitors. The Turkish company is already manufacturing neonatal devices with CE ‎certification; it ‎will provide the hardware and other support to create a new brand in the US, independent of their organization. Currently similar co-operation is carried out with an EU and Chinese company, but neither has FDA approval. The proposed new US brand ‎will acquire FDA approval ‎and start assembling neonatal incubator, warmer, phototherapy, ‎monitoring, mechanical resuscitation and ‎ventilator, and launch a new high-end brand to catch up the ‎growing market. It is felt that profitability is very high and have less competition from local manufacturers. Also, as a US brand, the line will ‎have ‎advantages in global market and be eligible for USAID projects. With its FDA approval, the new brand will be independent and non-competing in both US and other markets where FDA is a priority.

Main Product(s): This company has patented a unique device used for ethical pest control. The device can be used across a number of sectors, farming, food manufacturing, retail, restaurant and more. With continued movements to ban toxic poisons in the U.S., this technology will become the standard of use. The company seeks to find a partner with the same vision and a company willing to partner in the sales and marketing for the U.S., and beyond with additional interest in a U.S. manufacturing facility to support the market.

Main Product(s): This company is one of the top three manufacturers of electrical capacitors in China. It is looking to expand its market in the US through either: a capacitor distributor who could create a US sales network OR a Joint Venture with a local capacitor manufacturing company.

Main Product(s): This company is a diary, organizer, notebook, and stationery producer with almost 200 years of experience in the industry. Today, the company designs, publishes and markets premium, quality products to customers around the world. They are looking to partner with a contract producer and distributor of similar products that would be interested in bringing their brand to the United States.

Main Product(s): This company is a developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products for professional landscaping, parks & recreation, amenity, sports (such as golf), erosion control, grounds maintenance, forestry, municipal and state sectors. This company has created several revolutionary products; First is the world’s first chemical free moss & algae treatment that can be used on both lawns and hard surfaces. This product helps avoid the risks and impact of pesticide use on human health and the environment and is safe to use around children, animals, other plants and pond life. Second are biodegradable, plastic-free landscape stakes for pinning applications including erosion blanket, turf sod, weed barrier, germination blanket, mulch mats and more. The company is looking for a partner/distributor or a contract manufacturing partnership.

Main Product(s): This company is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical automatic powder compacting presses for production of parts, including but not limited to, metal, ceramic, diamonds, carbides and other special powders. They are seeking a partner with potential synergy of product(s) and/or other synergy opportunity. Privately owned company.

Main Product(s): This company specializes in the manufacture/supply/installation of a unique and comprehensive range of flood defense systems including but not limited to flood barriers, flood gates, flood doors and more. They are seeking a manufacturing/sales distribution partner and or a partner with potential synergy of products. Privately owned company.

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