Joint Venture (JV) Partnership Program

JV Opportunities for investing in, trading with, or partnering with Pennsylvania-based businesses.

The Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development (OIBD) works to connect international companies that wish to grow in the North American market with Pennsylvania firms that are looking for international partnerships. These joint ventures and related opportunities are available to businesses of any size in Pennsylvania, as well as to international firms looking to begin operations in North America. Updated opportunities are shared with statewide partners via an email distribution every five weeks. Contact Cindy Hostetler to learn more.

How To Get Started

For potential JV leads, please use the following process before submitting inquiries to OIBD for consideration:

  1. Contact your local company to confirm they are interested in initiating the conversation.
  2. Once confirmed, provide Cindy Hostetler at OIBD with the proper company/contact information.
  3. OIBD will then confirm with the international client that they are interested in initiating the conversation and will schedule the introductory conference call, including the local Economic Development Partner (EDP) when possible.
  4. OIBD will make every effort to include the local EDP and/or referring contact in any and/or all forward movement with the potential prospect(s).
  5. View the current list of JV Opportunities.

JV Partnership Benefits

Small and medium-sized international companies often invest in the U.S. market in stages, beginning with contract manufacturing, joint ventures, and other partnerships to hold down costs and minimize risk, while steadily building up market share in the world’s largest economy: the United States.

For Pennsylvania firms, these new connections provide opportunities to develop new product offerings in cooperation with an international partner and access new foreign markets with existing product lines.

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