International Funding

DCED offers an array of different funding programs, grants, loans, tax credits and other incentives to help businesses succeed in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania offers a variety of financial programs to support business development within the Commonwealth, ranging from grants and low-interest loans to tax credits and abatements, to venture capital. To learn more about programs which may benefit your business, visit our Funding & Program Finder or contact our Customer Service representatives.
Interagency Coordination

As a one-stop-shop, OIBD will coordinate the involvement of all Commonwealth agencies in a business development project (DEP, PennDOT, L&I, Revenue, and other agencies as necessary) and work with the Governor’s Action Team (GAT) for developing a financial incentives package.

Additionally, OIBD and GAT will help to facilitate introductions and pre-application meetings and expedite permit review and approval if possible.

Access to Economic Development Incentives

GAT serves as the primary contact for businesses wishing to access the Commonwealth’s various economic development incentive programs. GAT performs a thorough due diligence review of each project taking into consideration the following:

  • Overall economic impact of the project
  • Company’s financial condition
  • Validity of the company’s business model
  • Strength of commitments for private financing for the project
  • Competitive posture of the project
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