SEDA Online Training Program Finds Success

In 2014 , The SEDA-Council of Goverments funded an online training course known as the Online Broadband & Technology Training program (OBTT). The program is geared towards career advancement for individuals interested in sharpening their skills. Many of the courses were selected with local government, non-profit, and small business owners in mind; however, they are perfect for any young adult job seekers as well as adults looking to advance themselves both personally and professionally.

Offered state-wide, the SEDA-Council of Governments oversaw its implementation in Pennsylvania’s Southeast region with much success, and many participants shard there personal achievements with us, such as Cathy M., who had this testimonial about the OBTT program in her area:

“The main reason I took the excel course is I use excel but I don’t know all the functions that are available and thought this would be a great way to learn the basics or functionality of the EXCEL software. I hope to get more courses done in the near future if time allows me to complete them.” – Cathy M.

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