Northeast PA Online Training Program Creates Job Opportunities

In 2014 , The Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance (NEPA) funded an online training course known as the Online Broadband & Technology Training program (OBTT). The program is geared towards career advancement for individuals interested in sharpening their skills. Many of the courses were selected with local government, non-profit, and small business owners in mind; however, they are perfect for any young adult job seekers as well as adults looking to advance themselves both personally and professionally. Joseph Sebelin, Executive Director of the Pocono Counties Workforce Investment Are (WIA) offered this testimonial of the program: “The OBTT program is a great compliment to our Workforce Investment Board (WIB) services and trainings. We have actively promoted the program to our clients in Northeastern PA and many of our staff have also benefited from the training. To be able to increase the employability and skills of those seeking jobs is a great benefit, especially when the training is free and can be conveniently taken from home. Online training is extremely important in rural areas as transportation to and from training facilities is extremely difficult and online training also allows incumbent workers the opportunity to continue working and upgrade their skills.”

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